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Tips on How To Hire A Professional Balloon Artist

When hiring a professional balloon artist, you must consider many other factors besides price. At Balloons Elite in Denver, we meet the qualified criteria. Here are a few things you should look for when you’re shopping around for a professional balloon artist in Denver.

Insurance and Business License

Ask the company if they have a current business license and business insurance.  These are necessary for the professional balloon artist to be a legitimate business in Colorado.

Balloons Elite has both a business license and business insurance.

How long has the company been in business

Ask the professional balloon artist how long they have been in business.  Look at their website. Most businesses will have something about how long they have been doing balloon decor on their About page.

Balloons Elite has been in business for 10 years serving the Denver Metro Area.


A signed contract between you and the professional balloon artist is essential. It covers both of you and them so all concerned know what the expectations of the other will be.  It also spells out the responsibilities of you and the balloon decor company.

Balloons Elite will send you a contract containing all the information mentioned above once your deposit has been made.


When looking at the professional balloon artist’s website or Facebook page,  check to see if they have mentioned attending any conventions, workshops or training classes.

A professional balloon artist that has invested time and money into getting educated on products, designs, techniques and business classes, is the person and company you want to work with.

We have attended the World Balloon Convention and the Float Convention, BalloonCoach.com, and numerous workshops and training classes throughout the country.




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