There are many factors that go into pricing balloon decor. Balloons Elite is a small business that incurs costs like any other small business. There are costs that most people do not realize when using a professional such as a caterer, florist or balloon artist. The prices are set to cover those costs, therefore, are not negotiable!

We will go into more detail!

The type of decor you want and the cost of supplies to create it

Creating custom balloon decor takes time and supplies.

The complexity of the design will determine just how much time and supplies it will take.

The size of the design is also a factor.  Do we need to use a big van or can it be transported in an SUV?

Quantity of decor pieces you require

 It takes time to create each piece of decor, which is factored into the cost. We must charge for that time.

Time of delivery and how long setup time will be

Normal delivery time is between 9am and 3pm, Monday thru Saturday.

When an event needs to have a delivery and setup outside of those hours, an additional fee will be added.

Location of the venue

If the venue is more than 10 miles from our location, we must charge for additional time for travel.

Parking fees will need to be charged if necessary.

How much time it will take to get the necessary supplies and create your decor?

Every event is different. Balloons Elite has a process that we will follow to make sure that we have everything to create your decor.

We may have to go thru current inventory, place an order online or going to get what we need.

It may also require making custom framing and building bases for those frames.

Creating as much of the decor and transporting it is necessary as some venues do not give much time for setup.

Once the decor is created, it must be bagged up to protect it, loaded for transport, transported, unloaded, taken out of the transport bags and set up. This may require more than 1 person, which is also factored into the cost of your decor.

Is there equipment that will need to be picked up after your event?

If your decor has to have a frame and bases, that equipment usually has to be returned to us.

Balloons Elite will make arrangements for this at the time the contract and deposit is paid.

We can come back for it for an additional fee or you can return it to us within 3 business days of your event.  If the equipment is not returned, you will be charged to replace it.


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